Why Join Utah Mining Association?

As one of the oldest and most prestigious professional associations in the state, the Utah Mining Association’s purpose is to support and promote the mining and mineral industry and other related industries within the state of Utah. Our association has long represented the interests of the mining industry and ensured that businesses like yours can continue to operate and not worry about the issues outside of your realm. From political involvement to environmental regulation, the Utah Mining Association is involved in every facet of the industry to ensure the mining industry continues to thrive even during tough times.

Achieving these goals requires the commitment and support of our members. It is our members who are the leaders and difference-makers. A membership with Utah Mining Association is a great way to be actively involved in protecting an industry that is the foundation for our way of life. You have chosen to invest in the mining industry. Now protect that investment by joining and strengthening our voice. In a climate of regulatory uncertainty and change, you can’t afford not to.