The Utah Mining Association is committed to broadening the public’s understanding of the importance of mining to our modern society. Our public education programs are successful with the participation and support of our members. A robust education fund is required to fully execute our strategic plan, so we have initiated an Education Patron program through which you can donate money dedicated to our public education initiatives.

Reasons to become an Education Patron:

Mining supports the very foundation of our economy. From the stone and gravel used to build roads and lay foundations for homes and buildings to the copper wire that connects billions of computers to a global social and commercial network, our economy and way of life depend on the vital resources provided by mining.

Mining’s commitment to environmental stewardship comes from within the industry. In Utah’s mining operations today, environmental protection is one of the major philosophical and economic factors of mine planning. Preserving the balance of our delicate ecosystems–while at the same time providing us with raw materials for the products so vital to our standard of living–is one of mining’s highest priorities.

Mining is much more than proud, honest, dedicated, hard-working people. It is the very heart and soul of your community. In every Utah community, the positive influences of the mining industry can be seen, enjoyed, and appreciated by everyone. Despite the cyclical nature of mining, contributions to the community have always been generous and good for the area’s way of life.

If you are willing to donate additional dollars to our public education fund beyond your membership dues, please fill out the form below. Whether it is $5,000 or $50, all donations are appreciated.

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