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Mining Member

Individuals, firms or organizations who are actively engaged in the exploration of, or the development, extraction processing, or benefaction of mineral resources within the State of Utah.

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Service Member

Individuals, firms, or organizations who are interested in equipping, servicing, supplying, and supporting the Utah mining industry.

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Individual Member

Individuals, retirees, and full-time students in an industry or related field who are interested in supporting and promoting
the Utah mining industry.

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Many challenges and obstacles face the mining industry and its future. Political, social, environmental, and regulatory challenges are but a few.  The Utah Mining Association is prepared to face these challenges and obstacles head on and with determination. The long term future nationally and locally of the extractive industries is in a state of flux.  The ability to adapt, change, address and alter the results of these political, social, environmental and regulatory issues is essential to our long term plans.

The Utah Mining Association, founded in 1915, is one of the oldest and most prestigious business associations in Utah. Our purpose is to support and promote the mining and mineral industry and other related industries within the State of Utah. Education in mining and minerals is encouraged to further the understanding this critical industry and its products play in people's everyday lives. Utah currently ranks 13th in the nation in coal production and second in copper.

The Utah Mining Association has long represented the interests of the mining industry and ensured that businesses like yours can continue to operate and not worry about the issues outside of your realm.  From political involvement to environmental regulation UMA is involved in every facet of the industry to ensure the industry continues to thrive even during tough times. 

Franklin Roosevelt said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”  If this is true, then you must be present to win.  The Utah Mining Association is always present at hundreds of meetings a year. From environmental issues, to tax policy, water to air quality, permitting to public lands, including the 45-day legislative session to ensure that your interests are heard and that your voice is heard. 

Mining represents a mere 2% of the population in terms of workforce, yet the impact on the economy and society as a whole is enormous.   All new wealth comes from the ground! If it isn't grown, it must be mined!

If the mining industry does not step up and be represented, others who know very little to nothing about mining will gladly step forward to voice their opinion for you. 

Participation in an industry association is a great way to be actively involved in protecting the industry that is your lifeblood.  UMA does that!  You join an association for several reasons.  I believe this poem articulates those most effectively. 

You don’t buy a newspaper, you buy news.
You don’t buy life insurance, you buy security.
You don’t buy glasses, you buy vision.
You don’t buy awnings, you buy shade.
You don’t buy membership in an association;
You buy cooperation of the people in the association with whom
you can join hands to accomplish things you could not do alone.

We encourage you to join the nearly 100-year-old Utah Mining Association and be a part of the “VOICE” representing an industry you have chosen to invest in. In a climate of regulatory uncertainty and change, you can’t afford not to.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss membership in the Utah Mining Association, please contact us: Tel.: (801) 364-1874 Fax: (801) 364-2640 e-mail: