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Become an Education Patron!

UMA’s public education programs will be a success only with the participation and support of our members. A robust education fund is required to fully execute our strategic plan, so we have initiated an Education Patron program through which you can donate money to go straight to our public education initiatives.

It’s time for the mining industry to step up, tell our story, and provide the facts. The pledge form below indicates various ways you and your company can help make UMA’s education efforts successful. Please contact Jocelyn Clark at 801-364-1874 or education@utahmining.org to let us know how you can help!

Pledge Form


Join with us to make a strong mining industry in Utah
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Questions? Contact us at mining@utahmining.org or 801-364-1874

The Voice of the
Utah Mining Industry
Since 1915

Founded in 1915, the Utah Mining Association (UMA) is proud to represent a foundational industry that is integral to everyone’s lifestyle and standard of living. As the beginning of the supply chain for everything we use and everything we do as a society, the mining industry has a great story to tell, and UMA exists to tell that story.

Advocacy: We advocate for and advance the mineral resource and related industries in Utah. We represent and inform our members in the legislative and regulatory arenas at the local, state and federal levels.

Public Education: We educate elected officials, regulators and the public on the importance of, and the policies necessary for, a strong Utah mining industry. Our public education efforts are successfully building greater understanding and public support for Utah’s mining and service-related industries.

Networking & Business Development: Learn from one another and build your business through informative and fun networking opportunities such as our Annual Convention, Exhibition & Golf Tournament, Annual Mining & Manufacturing Safety Conference, and Education Fundraiser Golf Tournament.

Standing Committees: The Association’s work on issues of concern to the membership is conducted through a number of standing committees, chaired by members who work closely with UMA’s professional staff.

Please contact us if you need further information. Our e-mail address is mining@utahmining.org

Mark Compton, President
Mike Brown, Chairman
Jocelyn Clark, Communications & Outreach Manager
Marilyn Tuttle, Office Manager

136 South Main St., Suite 408

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Tel.: 801-364-1874

Fax: 801-364-2640

Need MSHA Training?

Compliance Staffing Agency (formerly Price Mine Service) -- 435-637-9300

Utah Safety Council -- 801-746-7233 or visit their website at: http://www.utahsafetycouncil.org/training/mine_health.asp

Want to know about
old Mining Stock?

We suggest that you call the Utah Department of Commerce at 801-530-4849 or use the Commerce's business entity search. Click on the following to use the business search:
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Nov. 8 - Energy & Environment Symposium - Salt Lake City, UT (Info & Registration)

Nov. 16 - Petroleum & Mining Club w/ DOI Assistant Sec. Kate MacGregor, Grand Junction, CO (Info)

Dec. 4-8 - American Exploration & Mining Association Annual Meeting, Reno/Sparks, NV (Info & Registration)

Help Wanted

Mobile Equipment Maintenance Technician – Mining

Position based out of Salt Lake City, UT with required travel to surrounding mining sites. (NV, AZ, WY, ID, UT)

For info click here

Public Education Programs

The Utah Mining Association (UMA) is implementing an ambitious, comprehensive education campaign that expands and enhances mining education in Utah to further the public’s understanding of the critical role the mining industry plays in everyone’s lives.

UMA’s Mining Ambassador program is an important component of this education campaign, and is focused on providing Utah fourth graders a positive education on mining as a supplement to their earth science curriculum. UMA mining ambassadors visit 4th grade classrooms to present information about minerals and metals and help make the connection between mining and students’ daily lives.

UMA also is proud to provide free lesson plans for 7th, 8th and 9th grade teachers using mining industry examples and real world applications to help teach the required earth science curriculum. Each lesson plan details the specific curriculum standards and objectives met. In addition to our K-12 school programs, UMA is committed to maintaining and enhancing the mining industry’s social license to operate through the implementation of a proactive education and communications strategic plan targeting various youth and adult audiences.


To request a free, one-hour Mining Ambassador presentation for your 4th grade classroom(s), click here.

To download free lesson plans to help teach the 7th, 8th and 9th grade earth science curriculum, click here.